521 North Main Street – Behind The Scenes

Meet The Characters

Character 1

Brooke Lambert – When she’s not busy, being the Medium for The Entity Explorers paranormal team. Brooke likes to take long walks on the beach, argue with her mother and ignore the creepy, faceless voices. That call to her from the stale, cold darkness.

Milo Eberhardt – With over ten years in the game, Milo is the only member of The Entity Explorers paranormal team with any real “ghost hunting” experience.

Character 2
Character 3

Taylor Cohen – The creator and host of The Entity Explorers paranormal web series. Taylor was once a promising nineteen eighties Scream Queen. Who was shunned by the industry after refusing to appear topless on film.

Albert – Motel manager, grilled cheese maker and friend of, Mister Bankers.

Character 4
Character 5

Lou Romero – An extremely talented individual! As videographer for The Entity Explorers he can hold a camera in one hand and roll a joint with the other.

Frank Corman – A recently divorced college math professor. Frank obtained a degree in parapsychology online and started working for The Entity Explorer.

Character 6
Character 7

Casey Becker – She wasn’t looking for trouble…but trouble definitely found her.

The Terror – Whether he’s riding a jet ski or using his straight razor to forcefully cut the eyes out of his victim’s face… Somebody hand this demon a White Claw because he’s always down to PARTY!

Character 8
Character 9

The Juggler – When this demon isn’t mentally and physically abusing her victims, she secretly aspires to take over the earth, enslave everyone and open a chain of juggling schools…where students will be taught to juggle badly.

Reno The Clown – Known for his incredible hospitality and fabulous fondue recipe. This demon likes to make sure his victims are comfortable and satisfied before physically raping their souls and eating their flesh.

Behind The Scenes

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